Green Roofs Truro

Asphaltic Co. has plenty of experience in installing green roofs in Truro and across Cornwall. Our green roofing systems are available for both commercial and industrial properties, as well as in the form of garden roofs for private residencies. Our experienced roofers can supply green roof felt and help you to design unique green roof designs that will look great while offering a range of other benefits. So, if you are considering an eco-roof for your property, give us a call to get your project off the ground.

Green Roofing Systems

We install two green roofing systems here at Asphaltic Co.:

Benefits of Green Roofs

Not only are eco roofs more environmentally friendly, but they also provide a selection of practical and financial advantages. Some of the benefits of green roofs include:

Living Roofs

As well as the practical benefits, living roofs also create a habitat for nature while hiding more unsightly rooftop features, such as pumps and vents. Furthermore, when installed on large, accessible flat roofs, they can also provide a functional outdoor space for seating or gardening. You can opt for partial installation or full covering, as well as choosing from a selection of plant types.

Green Roof Installations

Our green roofs are installed fully grown, with waterproof membranes and adequate drainage. Green roof installation improves your property’s thermal retention, keeping buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not to mention, choosing to install a green roof is also environmentally responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green roofs are installed with a drainage layer, meaning it deals with rain & storm water, allowing it to drain safely from the roof and into the downpipes. It also prevents damage to the plants.

Unlike traditional black tar roofs, green roofs reduce energy costs by absorbing heat instead of attracting it and therefore providing natural insulation for buildings. A green roof also removes air particles, produces oxygen and much more.

Green roofs should be designed to last at least 50 years. Replacement of any components of green roofs can be relatively costly however so proper maintenance of the roof is needded. 

Contact Asphaltic Co.

Get green roofs in Truro from Asphaltic Co., installed with precision, to exceptional standards and at affordable prices. Our team are on hand to provide a quotation and discuss your project, so give us a call today.
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