Mastic Asphalt Roofs Truro

Asphaltic Co. installs quality mastic asphalt flooring and asphalt roofs in Truro and across Cornwall. Our team are one of the only local companies qualified to lay Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt. This durable and long-lasting material incorporates industry-leading waterproofing technology. Thus, making it the optimum solution for mastic roofing systems. So, for problem-free mastic asphalt roofing and flooring that will last for years, contact our team today.

Mastic Asphalt

As a result, this versatile material is perfect for many domestic, commercial, and industrial applications including:

Mastic Asphalt Roofs

Mastic asphalt roofs provide a seamless waterproof coating for both sloped and flat surfaces. Furthermore, it can neatly negotiate lighting, pipework, and other appendages. Our premium Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt product provides the highest level of waterproofing and temperature stability. Not to mention, when installed by our professional team it can last up to 50 years! It can also be used for function rooftops, such as balconies, green roofs, and roof gardens, acting as both roofing and flooring.

Mastic Asphalt Flooring

Mastic asphalt flooring provides a dust-free surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it is highly robust and strong, making it perfect for high foot-traffic areas. As a result, it is a popular choice for commercial and industrial flooring, public steps and walkways, balconies, bridges, and car park decks. You can also combine mastic asphalt flooring with light-weight Spartan porous concrete promenade tiles in a choice of colours. Thus, providing a stylish and aesthetic appearance of a tiled floor, with zero compromises on grip, waterproofing or strength.

Other Uses for Mastic Asphalt

Flooring and roofing are the most common, however, there are many other uses for mastic asphalt:


Mastic asphalt is used for tanking. This is the process of waterproofing underground rooms or spaces to prevent water from penetrating the area. Tanking is used for basements, cellars and any area that is set below ground level to protect the space from moisture.


Mastic asphalt is designed to provide waterproofing for multiple surfaces including concrete, metal, and timber. Our asphalt is also available in a range of grades depending on the intended use. This makes it incredibly adaptable for use in spaces of any size or scale.

Contact Asphaltic Co.

Contact the team at Asphaltic Co. today for mastic asphalt flooring and asphalt roofs in Truro. We provide our services throughout Cornwall, including Falmouth, St Austell, Penzance, St Ives, Bodmin and Newquay. So, no need to wait, call us today for a no-obligation quote for our services.
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