The Benefits Of Felt Roofing

Applying roof felt with blow torch

Felt Roofing is one of the most popular roofing alternatives supplied. It has grown in popularity in recent years due to its many benefits.

But what are its advantages and why it is such an excellent choice for both households and businesses?

What Is Felt Roofing?

Felt roofing is a type of roofing system that creates a waterproof membrane from bitumen and fibreglass matting installed atop a roof deck. It is a popular choice because of its low cost, durability, and ease of installation.

Applying roof felt with blow torch

The Advantages Of Felt Roofing

Low Cost

Felt roofing is one of the most cost-effective roofing alternatives on the market. It is inexpensive, simple to install, and requires little upkeep.

Simple Installation

For a professional installer, it is simple to integrate into your home. This makes for an efficient and cost-effective installation. It can be deployed fast and efficiently, lowering overall installation costs.


Because felt roofing comes in a range of colours and styles, it is a versatile alternative for both homeowners and businesses. It can be tailored to complement the building’s style and colour scheme, increasing its aesthetic appeal.


It is highly water resistant and can help to prevent leaks and water damage. This makes it an excellent choice for structures in high-rain areas.


Felt roofing can also help to improve a building’s energy efficiency. It provides excellent insulation, which can assist in reducing heat loss and lowering energy bills.

Easy Maintenance

It takes little maintenance to keep in tip top condition. Keep in mind however, that, like all roofing, it must be kept clean and free of debris. Cleaning on a regular basis can assist to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can cause damage to the roofing system.

It is also critical to evaluate the roofing system on a regular basis for indicators of damage such as cracks or tears. Any damage should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid future harm to the roofing system.

Rolls of roof felt

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Felt roofing is a popular and affordable roofing solution that provides various advantages to both individuals and businesses. Its durability, low cost, ease of installation, and versatility make it an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a dependable and long-lasting roofing system.

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